About BAUER Foundation Corp.

Foundation Corp. (BFC) is a Florida corporation and the U.S. subsidiary of the world-wide operating BAUER Group based in Schrobenhausen, Germany. The BAUER Group is a world renowned foundation contractor, designer and builder of the world’s finest foundation equipment.


BAUER Foundation Corp. was formed in 2004 by the Coastal Caisson management team and began operating this entity alongside Coastal Caisson Corp. in 2007. The office headquarters is based in Odessa, Florida, just north of Tampa.


BAUER Foundation Corp. as part of the BAUER construction division, is a leader in the execution of complex excavation pits, ground improvement, deep foundations and vertical seals, utilizing the most up to date equipment and installation techniques.


BAUER Foundation Corp. provides all types of foundation solutions and services for industrial, commercial, residential and governmental construction projects. BAUER Foundation Corp. promotes BAUER services and technology throughout the entire United States.


As an excerpt of our core services, BAUER Foundation Corp. provides Drilled Shafts, Drilled Displacement Piles, Augercast Piles, Driven Ductile Piles, Micro Piles, Cut-Off Walls, Deep Soil Mixing, Sheetpiling, Tieback Anchors and Soil Nails as well as Ground Improvement Techniques such as CSV Soil Stabilization and Soil Mixing.


BAUER Foundation Corp. has registered professional engineers in-house who regularly review and perform design analysis to work closely with owners, engineers and general contractors to design-build and jointly develop the most suitable and cost effective foundation system for each project.


BAUER Foundation Corp. actively works with many universities, various Departments of Transportation, other independent research agencies and many Geotechnical consulting engineers to develop exceptional quality control measures and state of the art methods of deep foundation construction.


BAUER Foundation Corp. combined with the Coastal Caisson Division, has constructed thousands of projects throughout the United States over its 39 year history. Through these completed projects, both companies have gained tremendous experience and established an outstanding reputation as a “can do” quality contractor.