Pine Creek Dam


The Pine Creek Dam Modification project is located just outside of Valliant, OK which is a remote town in the southeastern portion of the state.  The project is being performed by Heeter Construction, Inc. with Bauer Foundation Corp. constructing all of the deep foundation works.  The United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) determined the 13 foot diameter concrete outlet conduit was leaking causing erosion issues inside the dam embankment; therefore, the purpose of the project was to address 4 major work tasks: 1. Install concrete cut-off wall around the 13 foot diameter outlet conduit 2. Re-install the existing vertical sand filter drain along with filling potential voids in the embankment 3. Excavate and install a horizontal downstream invert filter 4. Install a 12 foot diameter steel liner inside the outlet conduit.  Bauer Foundation Corp. assisted Heeter Construction, Inc. with the first two major work tasks.