Tampa Electric Company Big Bend Power Station

Florida, USA

BAUER Foundation Corp. installed 144 Micropiles at the site to provide support for eight new columns for Units 1 & 2 SCR’s inside the existing fan rooms.

The Micropiles consist of high strength threaded pipe casing installed in 5 ft. sections due to limited overhead conditions. The micropiles also featured high strength threaded bars to resist uplift loading.


These piles were drilled to the design depths ranging from 60 ft. to 70 ft. with sockets of up to 40 ft. into the Limestone rock. The installation was performed using up to three limited access mini drilling rigs in order to meet the tight schedule. These new column foundations had originally been designed on low headroom drilled shafts. Design capacities were up to 240 tons vertical, 50 tons uplift and 15 tons lateral.