Crystal River Power Plant

Flordia, USA

Working directly for the Owner Duke Energy, Bauer Foundation Corp. (BFC) installed 180 nos. of drilled shafts for additions to the Crystal River Power Plant in Crystal River, Florida.
Based on past experience on site with anticipated large concrete overbreaks in the drilled shafts within the overlying loose granular soil materials, permanent casings were to be installed until reach-ing the foundation stratum, for achiev-ing structural integrity over the entire pile depth.

Due to anticipated working platform stability concerns by collapsing materials at the drilled shafts, and with safety always at the forefront of the project, the Owner and BFC decided to use ground penetrating radar (GPR) to survey the project site and look for potential voids and weak zones that could cause plat-form stability concerns. Based on this information a distinct action plan was then developed to stabilize the platform and insure safe operation of the drill rigs and all of the construction activities.