Corpus Christi, Texas

BAUER was hired to complete three different contracts for Voestalpine's new processing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas. BAUER worked for over 20 months at the facility beginning in April 2014 and finishing in January 2016. The fiirst contract, C52, included over 36,000 linear feet of  2411 and  36 11  ACIP foundations for eight structures on site. Contract C54 included another 51,000 linear feet of 2411 and 3611 ACIP foundations for one large building. The final contract, C56, was for ground im­ provement that resulted in 2,786 18 11 grout columns and 392 ductile iron piles. BAUER worked with Schnabel  Engineering in a design-build arrangement to address difficult soil condi­ tions and execute the work with extreme logistical challenges, including installing grout columns and DIP piles inside a newly completed building.